Regular vs irregular routes to enter Cyprus

Entering Cyprus legally

Are you abroad and wish to travel to Cyprus?

You can enter Cyprus legally with a visa, either for the purposes of tourism/visiting, business, studying, or to join your family who live in Cyprus.

Wish to apply for asylum?

Applying for asylum should be done after great consideration.  Once you apply you are considered an asylum seeker and have certain rights and obligations. Being an asylum seeker does not grant you with an automatic residence permit in Cyprus.

Applying for asylum just to prolong your stay in Cyprus is wrong, and if you apply and are rejected, a 5-year entry ban may be imposed to you banning you from entering Cyprus and the rest of Europe.

I came to Cyprus via the occupied areas, am I allowed to enter without a visa?

A number of migrants travel to the occupied territories of the Republic of Cyprus with student or other visas, and then decide to cross and come to the parts of the island where the Cypriot government has effective control. Due to the political situation, any crossings without legal authorization from the areas that are under Turkish occupation to the areas that are not, are considered illegal and migrants may be apprehended and be subject to penalties.